3 enemies of salvation

In the reading of Daniel, we encounter a narrative that invites us to reflect on pride and the worship of idols. King Belshazzar, in the midst of a banquet and under the influence of wine, decides to profane the sacred vessels stolen from the temple in Jerusalem to praise gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, and stone. This disrespectful and defiant act against the God of heaven triggers a divine manifestation: the mysterious writing on the wall.

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The presence of the hand writing a message reveals God’s direct intervention. Daniel, a wise and faithful man of God, is called to interpret this message. In his response to the king, Daniel highlights the king’s rebellion in not glorifying the God who holds the king’s life and activity in His hands. The interpretation of the written words reveals divine justice: Belshazzar’s reign has come to an end, his weight on the scale is insufficient, and his kingdom will be given to others.

This passage leads us to reflect on our own attitude toward God. Have we dedicated our time and effort to glorifying modern idols, such as power, wealth, or social recognition, instead of giving due honor to the Lord of heaven? Belshazzar’s story reminds us that true greatness and security are found in glorifying God and obeying His commandments.

In the Responsorial Psalm, we proclaim blessing to the Lord for all the wonders of creation. We recognize that everything on earth, from the sun and moon to rain and wind, should give glory to God. This song invites us to reflect on our own responsibility to praise and bless the Lord at all times, acknowledging His sovereignty over creation and our lives.

The Gospel reading presents Jesus’ words to His disciples, foretelling the difficulties and persecutions they will face for their faith in Him. Despite these trials, Jesus assures them that He will provide the wise words needed at the right moment. This promise offers comfort and strength, reminding us that even amid adversities, faithfulness to God will lead us to eternal life.

Therefore, in today’s reading, we are challenged to examine our priorities, recognize God’s sovereignty in our lives, and stand firm in our faith, trusting in Jesus’ promise that, if we persevere, we will attain eternal life. May we, like Daniel, be faithful witnesses to the truth, even in the midst of trials and tribulations, trusting that God will sustain and guide our lives.

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